PMC announces the acquisition of Music City Parking!

About Parking Management Company

Parking Management Company (PMC) is a hyper-growth employee-owned hospitality parking services and garage management company which provides an unparalleled level of service for the hospitality, health care and event industries. PMC’s 1,000 associates relentlessly serve over 100 clients in 30 cities.

About Music City Parking

The Music City Parking valet company is in Nashville. Music City Parking is a managed labor company that provides “front of the house” services for upscale hotels. These services include valet parking, doorman, bellman, concierge, and shuttle drivers. Music City Parking partners with hotels from Nashville to Kansas City. These hotel brands include Marriott, Hilton, and upscale, independent boutique hotels.

To learn more about PMC and this new partnership, please visit our website listed below.