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Parking Technology Solutions

PMC offers a suite of parking technology options that can fit any property-specific need. Our technology reps are experts at prescribing the right solution for our partners. To ensure we stay on the cutting edge of innovation, PMC both partners with industry-leading technology providers AND develops our own proprietary platforms. With 30 years of parking management experience, PMC fully understands the technology needs of our clients, and our parking lot management systems and custom Technology Solutions are designed to meet them all.


From automated payment systems to advanced analytics tools, our parking lot management system leverages technology to optimize efficiency and revenue generation. With PMC as your partner, you can access a comprehensive suite of parking technology solutions tailored to your property’s specific requirements. Our dedicated technology experts are committed to delivering customized solutions that drive results and exceed expectations. Whether you need seamless integration with existing systems or a fully customized parking technology platform, PMC has the expertise and resources to help you achieve your parking management goals.


PMC Pay is our proprietary technology solution which allows guests to pay for parking quickly and easily, maximizing convenience and improving the overall parking experience. Requiring no Capital Expenses, no installation, and no equipment, the solution is able to generate revenue instantly, with zero costs to the client.

Self Parking Technology Solution | Parking Lot Management System

PMC Conversion

PMC is a self-parking and hospitality parking services provider, and we don’t think it’s very hospitable to immediately slap unpaid parkers with harsh citations and fines. Our practices instead focus on the conversion of unpaid parkers to paid parkers. PMC Conversion prioritizes the parker experience, and it is also proven to collect more revenue than the outdated methods of other parking providers.

parking technology: self-parking and hospitality parking services

PMC Valet

PMC Valet is our proprietary valet point-of-sale technology, developed and continuously optimized by our in-house technology team to meet the operational demands that we see at our sites every day.

parking technology - PMC Valet

Digital Tip Technology

PMC’s digital tip technology is an online payment platform that allows guests to leave tips using a credit card or Apple/Google Pay. The digital tip program gives employers a competitive hiring advantage by increasing the overall gratuity potential for their associates.

Digital Parking Technology Solution | Parking Lot Management System

Electric Charging

PMC is now offering Electric Charging solutions for our partners’ parking assets. Contact us today to learn more.

Commercial Parking Technology | Parking Lot Management System