Hotel Valet

Relentless Hospitality

As representatives of PMC and ambassadors of your hotel, our valets recognize that a guest’s impression of their stay starts and ends at the front drive. PMC’s valets are first impression experts who anticipate and fulfill guest needs, going above and beyond to elevate the overall hotel experience. That is Relentless Hospitality©. 


PMC is a People First company. We are committed to investing in and developing our people because we understand that great people lead to great service for our clients.

Account Management

We know that a valet operation is only as good as the Account Manager who runs it. Our Account Managers are true partners to our clients, becoming part of their management team and attending regular hotel meetings.

Associate Training & Development

Our valets are rigorously trained by their Account Manager to deliver world-class, anticipatory service. PMC is also deeply committed to the continued development of our internal talent. We recognize that our growth is reliant upon the investment we make in our people. For this reason, we have developed the R.A.M.P. (Relentless and Motivated Performance) Development Program. Many R.A.M.P. graduates are very quickly promoted to manager status and often deployed to our newest sites across the country.

First 90 Minutes

As a valet service provider, PMC recognizes the importance of a first impression. We practice it on the front drive for our guests, and we practice it with our new hires as well. The first 90 minutes of a new hire’s first shift is 100% about them, all the time. Our Account Managers ensure they are well-supported and comfortable in their new position, welcoming them into the PMC culture.

Staffing Experts

With a robust team of talent acquisition coordinators, recruiters, and analysts, PMC’s HR team is the best in the business. They are experts at finding, recruiting, and retaining the industry’s top talent. With a speed to hire of less than 4 days, our HR professionals are able to staff our hotels with efficiency.


PMC’s Product is the service that our People provide and the way they represent the hotels we serve.

Incentivized Service:

Our associates earn incentives based on service, lead generation, client feedback, and more. We are committed to enforcing desired behaviors in both our managers and our line-level associates.

Tripadvisor and Google:

PMC partners with our clients to improve their Tripadvisor and Google rankings from our first day on the drive. PMC offers performance incentive programs based on positive Tripadvisor and Google name mentions.

Service Guidelines:

To perfect our Product, PMC associates study and master the Fundamental Five, PMC’s proprietary tactics to ensure positive guest experiences.

Quality Assurance:

PMC utilizes guest, client, and internal surveying methods in order to improve our service. Guests are able to complete post-transaction reviews through our parking technology, and clients are sent regular feedback surveys. Additionally, PMC’s leadership team in each market performs what we call a Monthly March, which grades each site on People, Product, Partner, and Profit related metrics.


We are Client Connected at PMC. We become true partners to our clients. We work together to figure out what works best for every location. We provide transparency in all reporting and communications, and we build real relationships with our clients.


Our managers work to drive profit at every location we serve.

  • We create new revenue streams for our clients by suggesting the best and most profitable ways to handle their parking operation.
  • Our auditing systems ensure that all revenue is captured and accounted for.
  • Our creative deal structures ensure an equitable solution for our clients.
  • Through daily, weekly, and monthly rhythms, our associates ensure our partners’ financial well-being. 

Parking Consultation Services

Not sure how to handle parking at your existing property or developing new build? Contact our team today for a parking consultation. Our team of experts will assess your site and prescribe the appropriate solution for your specific needs!