Self-Parking Technology: PMC Pay

What is it?

PMC Pay is our proprietary technology solution which allows guests to pay for parking quickly and easily, maximizing convenience and improving the overall parking experience. Requiring no Capital Expenses, no installation, and no equipment, the solution is able to generate revenue instantly, with zero costs to the client.

Self Parking Technology Solution | Parking Lot Management System

Value Proposition

Instantly monetizes your parking asset, generating unbudgeted revenue from Day 1.

PMC’s auditing and conversion systems maximize the capture of revenue.

No Equipment, No Installation, No Costs, No Risk

Simple contract and limited term

Auditing & Conversion

  • PMC has the boots on the ground to conduct multiple parking facility audits daily, ensuring all vehicles are registered and paid.
  • PMC handles the conversion of unpaid parkers to paid parkers. PMC Conversion prioritizes the parker experience, and it is also proven to collect more revenue than the outdated methods of other parking providers.

Dynamic Pricing & Validation

  • As lot occupancy increases, rates will automatically increase, ensuring top dollar for your spaces.
  • Allow guests to validate their parking from the ease of their phone, when activated.