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PMC Cares Scholarship Award

Parking Management Company is proud to introduce its very first recipient of the PMC CARES Scholarship Award, via the Community Foundation, to Alex Stoyanov! Alex will be returning to York College in York, Nebraska for her Sophomore year this fall, where she is relentlessly studying to earn her undergraduate degree in Business Administration. Alex has a 3.25 GPA and is poised to graduate in the top 20% of her graduating class by 2021. Alex was born in Nashville, where her father, who is a 25 year veteran of PMC (Ludmil Stoyanov), instilled the love of volleyball in her life. After retiring from Roman-Greco wrestling (career: 1 win, 1 loss), Alex now serves as a middle-hitter for the women’s varsity volleyball team.

The PMC Cares $2500 scholarship will help Alex continue her journey to pursue her dream of becoming an Executive in Finance (for a lucky company). Thank you for making the community you live and work in a better place…we salute you, Alex!

The 2nd Annual PMC Clay Shoot is coming in October 2019.  Employees and businesses that support PMC are encouraged to give and support the efforts of the 2019 PMC Cares Clay Shoot.  All proceeds from the PMC Cares Clay Shoot will go directly to the PMC Cares fund via the Community Foundation.  Stay tuned for more regarding this amazing event!  Associates can donate via payroll bi-weekly deduction through their Employee Self-Service (ESS) in Paycom.

Parking Management Company believes it is important to invest in their employees and their employee’s children by offering scholarship opportunities to help further their education and help to reduce the financial burden of higher education. The purpose of PMC Cares is to show appreciation for all of the hard work that their employees do, and to mold employees and employees family members in to strong leaders.