Parking Management Company (PMC) is a hospitality-focused parking management solution provider, offering a full suite of valet, commercial and self-parking services. “Whether managing parking for a hotel, commercial or health care facility, business or event venue, our focus is on enhancing guest experiences through user-friendly solutions. We prioritize hospitality in everything we do, and our tech reflects that ethos,” said Troy Crabtree, chief technology officer at PMC.

PMC realizes that, in the hospitality industry, businesses are constantly under pressure to generate and protect revenue streams, especially in the post-COVID landscape. Its proprietary technology plays a crucial role in revenue preservation and collection, simplifying the entire parking process while ensuring financial stability for clients. The goal is to make it effortless for businesses to have increased revenue capture and customer satisfaction across the board.

PMC offers a range of solutions through their technology suite, led by key platforms PMC Pay and PMC Valet. PMC Pay allows guests to pay for parking quickly and easily, maximizing convenience and improving the overall parking experience. The recently launched PMC Valet is a first-of-its-kind point-of-sale valet app in which guests and attendants can manage the parking process from the front drive to the exit, including check-in, retrieval, vehicle review, payment and real-time updates.

“We continuously identify opportunities to enhance our platform, such as features like digital tipping and implementing solutions for oversized vehicle charges and electric vehicles. These innovations open up new revenue streams for our clients,” said Scott Goins, vice president of sales, PMC.

The company also prioritizes enhancing guest communication and experience, fostering a texting relationship similar to what hotels have with their guests. Today, PMC serves as a one-stop shop for guests to manage all aspects of their parking experience seamlessly within its technology platform.

The company never believes in providing clients with an off-the-shelf solution. Regardless of the property or hotel brand, PMC has the institutional insight to understand certain factors like parking ease, on-site parking assets, distance from parking to entrances, how the hotel or business prefers to manage payments and the volume of guests, and tailors solutions accordingly.

PMC’s team holds decades of parking industry experience. Rather than simply relying on tech experts, the company’s approach involves integrating real-world operational insights into the development process. Their platforms are made for valets, by valets, making the resulting solutions robust and flexible, capable of meeting the evolving needs of hotels and businesses in the hospitality sector.

“It’s not enough for us to just talk the talk; we listen, we react, and we take action,” Goins said.

The biggest contributor to the company’s success is its ability to listen to clients and utilize their feedback. PMC proactively learns about what clients enjoy, what they don’t, what could be improved and what they’d like to see next. Hospitality echoes throughout PMC – service managers act as conduits for customer feedback, and a feature enhancement request process allows users to submit their ideas through an online form. Every piece of client feedback is meticulously considered and integrated into the prioritization process. Additionally, leadership maintains a running road map or a wish list of features and improvements, which is constantly updated to align with client and industry expectations.

“We’re not limited to just one segment; we’re equipped to serve various industries with the same hospitality-focused approach. Our goal is to enhance every aspect of the parking experience, regardless of the setting. By leveraging our technology and the expertise of our nationwide team, we can tackle any opportunity that comes our way,” Crabtree said.

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