2250 Blake St. Denver

2250 Blake St.

Denver, CO


2250 Blake Street,

Denver, CO 80205


Monday – Sunday: 24 Hours

Tiered Rates


Located near Spaces, this lot is perfect for parking in Ballpark District.




How to use your parking pass

Once you’ve reserved your space, make sure your license plate matches the plate information you entered in PMC Pay. Once onsite, you don’t have to re-enter your license plate or scan the QR code for parking – we’ve got you covered! You may park anywhere that doesn’t have a “reserved” sign. If you need more time than you originally entered, no problem at all. You can update your parking reservation using your reservation confirmation.

Getting There

2250 Blake St is located by Coffee High Co. Some nearby businesses are Guiry’s, Cherry Cricket Ballpark, TrueMakers Outfitters, and Denver Patio Ride.