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Self-Parking Management

PMC understands that every location, whether a garage or surface lot is different and requires careful analysis. When looking at a parking opportunity we take several factors into consideration to determine what will maximize the use and drive the most revenue for our client.

PMC uses state of the art revenue control equipment that operate in real time, third party aggregators to drive more demand for your location and strong ticketing and enforcement to ensure patrons are paying. Additionally, PMC reviews the set rates daily to make sure they are aligned with the current market demand.

As a property owner or manager you want an operator that has a solid foundation of excellent customer service, outstanding management practices and tight revenue control. PMC has been in business for over 25 years and has several decades of combined executive experience with the management skills and operational procedures that deliver proven results.

With PMC, you have the confidence of knowing that your parking facility is managed by a team dedicated to delivering relentless customer service while maximizing revenue. You can also be sure that your revenue is secure with PMC’s stringent accounting practices backed by a team of well-trained auditors.


    • State of the art equipment to drive the most revenue for your parking assets.


    • Clean, safe and well run locations.


    • A management team dedicated to providing relentless customer service.


    • A guarantee that all revenues are accounted for, audited and deposited.
    • Aggressive revenue programs that maximize financial results.


    • Expense management that provide direct results to the bottom line.


    • Utilization of mobile parking apps and third party aggregators to help increase revenue while providing an easier experience for the patron.
Valet employee servicing woman stepping out of her car.


A guest’s arrival and departure experiences are an opportunity for guest interactions that extend well beyond the front door. We capitalize on this opportunity by taking the time to truly understand your vision for the guest experience.


Guests arriving at our partners’ front doors know to expect eye contact, a warm smile, and a sincere welcome. Each guest’s door is opened by assisting team members as we explain the parking amenities in full detail. Departing guests will observe vehicles being delivered swiftly and safely under the direction of the team leader.


Our proprietary ‘Road to Success’ training and certification programs teach our associates the aggressive hospitality techniques necessary to anticipate guests’ needs and to develop a proactive service culture that is in line with your vision.

Valet giving a bag to a small child


Many hotels choose to provide their guests with an arrival experience through the use of valet services. However, there are a select number that seek to take the arrival and departure experience further.


Bell services, when operated in connection with valet, provide a true door-to-door arrival and departure experience for your guests. At many of the hotels we operate, PMC manages bell service in connection with valet and shuttle service. There are many synergies created by combining these guest experiences, both for you and for your guests.


These synergies yield higher service scores through positively impactful guest experiences and help to eliminate labor redundancies for maximized efficiencies.

Two valet smiling at camera by a PMC booth


An effective shuttle solution will be an extension of the arrival and departure experience provided on property. Whether the shuttle is being used for family vacation or business travel, each guest should feel confident that the shuttle operator will provide the same level of service as all property team members: being friendly, helpful, and proactive, and having been trained thoroughly on both the details of the property and local area amenities.

“I feel confident in my partnership with PMC and the team members that I am supported by both on property and above. A solid company with a focus on service and profit generation for the property.”

Paul Jordan | General Manager, Hilton Knoxville
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