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Attract, Support, and Grow in Everything You Do

“Clients want to hear success stories and the solutions we’ve implemented to create a successful outcome.”

Have a great story to tell? People want to be a part of the bigger picture. When you offer people a path to success, they want to listen. Share solutions based on your own experience. I use my experience in the hotel industry, on the other side, to help connect with clients and find common ground.

Tell The Story
Both clients and employees want the story. Clients want to hear success stories and the solutions we’ve implemented to create a successful outcome. Career success stories engage employees and develop an ongoing dialogue about their own goals. Talented people want to feel like they are an important part of the bigger team. Employees want to know that people do advance their careers at PMC and that we will help them.
Attract, Support, And Grow
My role is to attract, support, and grow in everything I do. First and foremost, that applies to people. I start my day thinking about how to attract mutually beneficial relationships and how to support and grow these relationships.The more good relationships you have, the more you attract. Good relationships grow the business. When the business is growing, you have more opportunities for the great people you attracted and developed to reach the next level.
Winning Them Over
We focus on the employee experience from the moment they submit an application to the first hour on the job. We want them excited about coming back the next day.Equally, it’s important to contact clients every day. Clients appreciate knowing you are thinking about them and want to grow the relationship.
Be Present
Leadership support is all about being present, having open communication, and pushing people toward creative solutions. Be yourself and be authentic in your leadership style. Learn from mentors, but lead in your own style. I like to meet everyone in person. Traveling to a client or walking over to an employee in my office shows they’re important to me. In-person meetings allow us to share our stories and our vision for the company. Communication, even when it’s difficult, is the best way to resolve issues or come to an agreement.
A Clear Plan And Expectations
Everything can improve. Conducting improvement surveys has been an important tool to support excellence. Surveys also help us discover talent and have the right people in the right positions.
Growth In Boutique Properties
The trend in hospitality for the past 10 years is smaller hotels. This is good for valet-parking growth because there are plenty of new business opportunities. Our culture is shifting to a more mobile society with a penchant for select services. Hoteliers and investors are building 200- to 300-room boutique hotels, and the guests are coming.The expansion in the segment has provided owners a chance to grow their business into slightly larger properties with select service. Customers now want a more intimate and tailored experience, and hotels are being built with that in mind. When hiring new people, start with a match from a cultural and skill-set perspective. Employees must be people-centric and passionate about service.
More Cities, More Opportunities
The significant growth in the boutique-hotels segment provides more leadership opportunities overall.
More owners and operators are expanding their portfolios along with this smaller hotel trend, developing a series of boutique hotels rather than a single large property. In addition, owners who had smaller, 6- to 10-room properties in more rural or suburban areas are coming to the city to build 30- to 40-room boutique hotels. If we can establish good client relationships early, then as the companies expand, we are already in the door to partner in that growth. These growing cities also provide career opportunities for good employees who’ve been trained and developed by PMC.
Guests Expect Technology
Our mobile-society guests will judge their experience in part by the technology amenities.
PMC is implementing text-message valet, along with other technologies, to be in line with the new hotels.
A Strong Touch Point
In some situations, the valet is the first and last, and potentially the only, touch point during a guest’s stay. Being the only touch point with hospitality guests means recruiting the best candidates, developing enthusiasm through training and mentoring, and providing the best employee experience possible.
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