Want to know what we do?

Each day, PMC team members have the opportunity to:

  • Meet new people and make them smile
  • Make someone’s day
  • Stay active and solve problems
  • Act as “city ambassador” by offering recommendations to guests about the area
  • Learn and grow with teammates who enjoy these things too
  • AND drive all types of nice cars (in a safe manner)

PMC offers an opportunity to do these things each day.  Better yet, your ability to do these things directly influences the amount of money you take home after each shift.

The PMC Difference:

PMC seeks positive-minded ladies and gentlemen to provide outstanding and memorable service to guests who are otherwise expecting us to “just park their car.”  Every guest provides an opportunity for an interaction and every interaction provides an opportunity to earn money.  Whether you park their car, open their door, offer assistance or simply share a smile, we are the first and last impression for that guest.  The more interactions we create, the more opportunities to earn a gratuity.  As a result, we seek and reward people who thrive in this environment whether it’s at a restaurant, hotel, hospital, store, shuttle, parking lot or an event venue.

Looking for a Full-Time, Part-Time, 2nd/3rd job, or Seasonal Work?

PMC serves a variety of venues. Our business is based on vehicle volumes, providing ever changing opportunities within each city. This creates opportunities for all types of schedules.  Whether you like to work 8-10 hours at a time, or 2-4 hours at a time, or if you can work only certain shifts per week, or if you are flexible and interested in working whenever and wherever the need arises, we can fit most any schedule.  Our flexibility is ideal for:

Paying off debt
Between Jobs
First-ever job
Car Enthusiasts

Seeking a Career Opportunity? Unsure how you could turn valet parking into a Career?

Career minded individuals can thrive in our development programs. These programs are designed to put leaders in position to run business operations, with the support and guidance of a large company.  Very few (likely none) of the current managers at PMC ever expected to be in the “Parking Business”…however, once here, it’s easy to understand we do so much more than park cars (safely).  We are a people company!  We are in the business of taking care of people…our Customers, Our Clients and Our Teammates.  It’s a great place to grow a career.

Interested in Travel or Relocation?

PMC is enjoying rapid growth in several cities throughout the USA.  Definitely let us know if like to travel or desire/need to work in another city, or if relocation may be an option for you.